Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bissell Company is definitely the authority when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. With over a century of experience in the cleaning industry, this manufacturer has been known to develop and produce innovative and most advanced household appliances. And with their persistent and careful research about consumer preferences, they introduced new lines of cleaning appliances, such as the Bissell Little Green, that go much more beyond deep cleaning.

The Bissell Little Green simply works great. It is possible to just pour the water in the water tank for the next cleaning ‘session’ and your trusty machine is ready within minutes for those accidental wine spills. Also, you can use only the vacuum for liquids like the spilled orange juice on a tile floor and the detergent spray for your rugs.

The nozzle has a detachable scrub brush to deep clean rugs and when it is missing a lot of bristles is simple to replace it. The machine comes with a dry stain brush and to replace the bristles you simply pull them down out of the nozzle. It also features a window which you can clean if it gets too much dirt stuck in the nozzle.

The only downside is the fact that the nozzle is a bit difficult hard to pull off the hose because of the rubber gaskets. On the other hand that is to be expected. So, the nozzle and the dirty water tank cleaning are the only issues I have found with this versatile deep cleaner.

There is a whole bunch of accessories for you to choose and you can even upgrade the machine to the Turbo Brush Model if you did not opt for it when you purchased it.

You can purchase all of the accessories for your Bissell Little Green that can come off from it.

There is a 4 inch small area tool replacement brush for around $5 and the spraying crevice tool is only $3.You can get the 3 inch tool for $4 and if you want to upgrade to the powered TurboBrush hand tool it will cost you around $25.

You can also purchase several different detergents in different sizes. Both the little green formula and the oxy gen2 sell for under $10 which is great value for the money. I use the Bissell Little Green quite often and it thoroughly cleans my rugs and carpets. It is an ideal deep cleaner for huge jobs such as a thorough spring house cleaning.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this machine. It is ready to use in a matter of seconds and above that it is simple to use and totally inexpensive. You can buy one for around $140. Concerning the prices you pay for dry cleaning of your carpets on regular basis this is not too much at all. Just think of the money you will be saving.

I strongly recommend this deep cleaning machine for all small deep cleaning jobs around the house and in your car. It will help you to live in harmony with your pets, your kids and your clumsy husband.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I always wanted a deep cleaner to clean up after my three cats when they have those unplanned events that every cat is prone to once in a while. I went online as I tend to do every few weeks and saw a couple of interesting cleaning gadgets but narrowed it down to three, one from Shark, one from Hoover and one from Bissell. I planned to go with a reliable brand and have owned a vacuum cleaner from all three companies several years ago. The Hoover deep cleaner seemed quite big for my needs. I could use it on a bit larger cleaning jobs, like the sofa and recliners from time to time as well as those hard to get out stains on my rugs. But as it is big it is not as practical. You can’t reach those tight places with it. So I purchased the Bissell Little Green.

The first thing that I liked about it was the fact that there is a very short assembly. I only had to attach a clip that the hose rests on for storage. Also, you can get it working in no time. Simply pour in the water and the detergent inside the clean water tank.

The Bissell Little Green comes with a tiny bottle of cleaning fluid. Of course, you will have to purchase more over time. On the other hand, if you purchase the bigger bottle of detergent from Bissell it will probably last you for a long time. You do not need to use additional measuring cups to determine out the amount of detergent needed. Simply pour the detergent inside the clean water tank to the 1st line and then fill to the next line with clean tap water. Next, simply screw the spout in, put the clean water tank in the right slot and turn the machine on.

The spout itself does not let the detergent and water to come out of the clean water tank while you place it on. I have bought the Bissell Little Green because I felt the need for the extra carpet scrubbing.

When you use this deep cleaner you need to watch out on the dirty water tank. It features a full capacity line and when it gets there simply empty the dirty water tank.

Just keep in mind that the accumulation of dirt in the dirt water tank is not good. To rinse the dirty water tank out and to clean it properly when you are done with cleaning is the one downside I found. You need to swish clean water around in the dirty water tank to get it thoroughly clean. Pour some clean water in the top with the rubber gasket removed and next pour the dirty water out of the tank. You may need to do this several times to get all dirt out.

Overall, the Bissell Little Green is definitely worth considering.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bissell Little Green Line of deep carpet cleaners is now of the most effective and affordable cleaners that not only reduce cleaning time, but as well free the carpet from bacteria, mold, and mildew that could seriously harm your family’s health.

The name Bissell has been synonymous with great quality in cleaning carpets. This company has been around for 130 years creating unique machines such as the Bissell Little Green that will help do the cleaning job. It is actually a robot that is going to clean your house. The reason why it is so popular these days is because literally it does the work for you. This is a company that pioneered this kind of cleaning, so you expect them to be on the leading edge.

Mops and buckets were the old fashioned way to clean floors. Than in the 1950s sponge mops were introduced and 1990s chemical pad cleaners. Now a completely new way of cleaning is emerging.

When you have a spill we all take out those paper towels and what we do is generally pushing that stain further into the carpet. You have to be able to extract it while it is agitating and that is the success of the Bissell Little Green.

Bissell Little Green is a great carpet cleaner. It is perfect for small carpets and rugs. On the other hand I would never recommend using it for a very large area. It has three different modes and it cleans almost all types of stains. And it does all that completely automatically.

If you have a wine spill on white carpet or a grape juice spill you only need to put it on top of the stain, turn it on and it will do the rest of the work. And also, it knows how much of the cleaning solution to dispense, it knows the right amount of water do dispense and it knows that it needs to clean 400 rpm per cleaning cycle to get the job done. It is a wonderful machine. Best of all, you will hear the sound of the alarm when it is done, so you will know exactly when it is done.

This is a completely versatile machine. Not only will it clean wine stains but also it will clean stains that are completely dried. But still, remember that it is important to remove the stain as soon as you possibly can.

This deep cleaner has a nice integrated handle to carry around. It is really lightweight, less than 15 pounds of weight. It features a dirty tank and a clean tank, 5 foot cleaning hose and also a 15 foot power cord. So it is really going to allow you to move it around. This way you can use it to clean your car seats. On the back of the deep cleaner is the though spot cleaning brush attachment. You can use it as a manual cleaner. It gives you the flexibility to choose from three different modes. And clean and dirty water tank are separated so you are not getting that cross contamination.